In Conversation with Aditi Gupta: The Mastermind Behind Colors TV UK Presents Mrs India UK by Brandwok

Aditi Gupta - Mrs India UK

With the Colors TV UK presents Mrs India UK by Brandwok paegant underway and just a few weeks away from the grand finale in London, we catch up with Aditi Gupta the mastermind behind Mrs India UK!

It’s a unique pioneer pageant for married Indian women residing in the UK, which launched all in June 2017. It emphasises to redefine the myth of beauty by recognising beauty along with talent, knowledge and skills of multi-talented women.

Aditi you are an inspiration to many! Being the brains and heart behind Mrs India UK, can you please tell us some more about your background and the role you play at Mrs India UK?

Born and brought up in Mumbai – the city of dreams, I am an MBA, Post-Graduate in Events Management, Post- Graduate in Asia-Pacific Marketing, Certified Integrated Digital Marketer and awarded as Certified Professional Marketer (AFM) from reputed institutes in Mumbai and Singapore. Professionally, I am an ex-Banker, well-equipped Branding, Strategy, Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist and a professional model over the past few years.

My journey in the modelling world began when I was a child and worked with big brands in India for commercial shoots, advertorials, and editorials. Holding the winning title of Mrs Global India Expat 2015 – Singapore, I also won sub-titles for elegance, fitness and being the most stylish contestant and I cherish my journey as one of the finalists for Mrs Singapore 2013. Almost a decade in advertising and modelling world, but I am also trained in Indian classical dance, a chalk paint specialist, pageant coach and mentor along with catwalk trainer.

Mrs India UK 2018

Additionally, I have been a judge for various institutes which hold fashion events for students and pageant now. I have also helped and supported pageant participants by grooming them and building their confidence during their successful journeys. This includes training to be aspiring models, pageant understanding and preparation and catwalk training.

I launched BrandWok in Singapore in 2013, it is now reborn in London and active since 2017. BrandWok limited is an elite and innovative agency founded in 2013 and continuing to spread its wings in London since 2017. It has been a part of many successful concerts, music shows, runways and contests in Singapore in a very short span of time. Currently, as the organiser, Pageant mentor and coach for Mrs India UK I have to multi-task and support in various roles attached to the pageant. But I do have an amazing team of Queen, Saaish, Rupa, Rashmi, and Priyanka without whom the pageant wouldn’t have reached the level it is today less than a year of its launch.

Apart from this, as a philanthropist, I have been engaged and associated with various charities and community support groups. Mrs India UK platform has attached itself with Nainika Foundation to raise Allergy awareness, led by Lakshmi Kaul and trying to reach as many people by conducting different initiatives at finalists and event level.

Aditi Gupta - Mrs India UK
What an E-P-I-C journey you have had so far with Mrs India UK… Rewinding back, can you tell us how and what inspired you to start it?

Let’s term it as E(xcellent) – P(roductive) – I(ntellectual) – C(ompassionate) journey!

As an expat I stayed in Singapore for almost 6 years after an amazing career in Mumbai and Singapore as a Branding, Content & Strategy expert, I moved to London with my husband almost 1.5 years back. While I was a part of pageants in Singapore, pageants have changed me a lot. If I wouldn’t have believed in that greater change in life, I wouldn’t have been here and started Mrs India UK. Each pageant I have been through has allowed me to grow personally and achieve much more than what I aimed for. It has worked like a blessing in disguise by creating those circumstances that have made me multi-task, focus and be more passionate towards developing myself personally, creating a lifestyle and allowed me to give back to society in many ways. Pageants are in itself a great way to challenge your own boundaries. It’s not the comfort zone but an uncomfortable zone where mental strength plays a vital role in being successful. Pageants let you re-discover your own forgotten self at times and builds your confidence much more than what you will enter in any pageant with. Currently being a founder and organiser of a pageant, I am trying to fill in these little gaps with extensive training to make the pageant journey memorable for my finalists.

If you could describe what Mrs India UK stands for in 3 words, what would they be?

Our tagline says it all! “Re-defining Myth of Beauty!”

Mrs India UK 2018

Why do you feel beauty pageants such as Mrs India UK are so important in the UK?

More than a requirement towards being country specific, I would say Indian women have advanced in education and professionally, and we have women leaders in every field. This platform aims to acknowledge a combination of talent, beauty and a leader. It celebrates womanhood with a different outlook. We are also establishing this platform to blend with our Indian ethnic roots and traditions along with modernisation and changes in culture that we are adapting by staying abroad. It’s more of a recognition towards Indian women abroad who are so multi-talented.

Apart from balancing every single task and achieving every day, now we need more role models to encourage and inspire society acknowledging various initiatives and as a woman, we can empower each other in every field we take up. We are there in technology, marketing, finance, banking, journalism, and this platform wants to achieve similar standing by creating those role models who can give back to the society and also provide an opportunity to those women who aspire to be beauty queens and represent nations at International level, or take up modelling as a career, or want to conduct various seminars by mentoring and training and also get involved in community work, thus, creating more opportunities.

What are the key aspects you judge contestants on?

The key aspects of choosing finalists are their achievements and talent, communication capability, beauty, poise, overall personality, personal commitments, leadership qualities, personal background and potential for International representation. We have to consider an individual who has also the willingness to be determined to this challenging journey of learning and re-discovery.

Mrs India UK 2018
What advice do you have for our readers who wish to step into the modelling realm?

Apart from looking at the glamour and celebrity side which is extremely tempting, modelling is a great path to join when you are truly passionate about it. It requires immense determination, relationship building skills and humbleness throughout. Modelling indicates time management and communication capabilities where one has to juggle many things. Also, modelling has various segments where every individual can fit in, so definitely look for your USP and go for it!

Additionally, I would like all those aspiring models to consider in the country they are in, its casting requirements and modelling market they would prefer to go ahead with. Proper knowledge and preparation towards training are required to begin the journey.

With the auditions, orientation and some of the grooming sessions over, what is taking place at the moment and yet to come with Mrs India UK 2018?

The journey for all the finalists began from Orientation in January 2018 and after multiple grooming sessions, official photoshoot and catwalk training, we are in one of the most crucial stages of the pageant that is Talent and Preliminary Round where all the finalists will showcase their performances/acts soon. Post that we will start choreography for the grand finale.

Mrs India UK 2018
When is the BIG grand finale and can our readers get involved and attend?

I welcome all your readers to be a part of our grand finale. The Grand Finale of Colors TV Mrs India UK 2018… is on Sunday 15th April at Hilton London Tower Bridge from 6pm. The tickets are available on Eventbrite or you can also check information on our website and social media channels.

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  1. Aditi says:

    Thank you Victoria for the wonderful interview. Look forward to see you at the Grand Finale!

  2. Chitra says:

    Beautifully said Aditi, so proud of you always!

  3. Surabhi says:

    As always Proud of you 😘 and it’s amazing to be part of this Journey 🙂

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