My Brother’s Engagement

My brother got engaged back in late January 2014 and to celebrate an engagement party was hosted at London Darbar! The most important aspect of the engagement party was the Chunni ceremony. I thought I’d share what I wore to the engagement party; all I knew was the dress code was most definitely bling! bling! bling!

Venue - London Darbar

I wanted to wear a saree! And what better place to go…no other than Seema Silk Sarees. I literally found the saree by chance and luckily I did…as other customers had their eye on it. The saree is just divine; half royal blue velvet and half net turquoise fabric with heavy crystal stone work and crystal stone embellishments on the border (hence why it weighs about 2/3kg). The quality of this saree is pretty amazing, as all crystal diamonds are sewn on as opposed to glued on… I much prefer sewn on stonework where possible.

For bangles, I knew I had to go to Bees, on of my favourite places to go for jewellery; they created my bangles set perfectly using deep blue, diamond studded and rustic gold bangles. (Unfortunately I don’t have a super clear photo of my bangles set I wore, however taken a photo of a few of the bangles which were incorporated in this set)


I decided considering the saree had such heavy work on the border, a necklace would make it look like too much was going on. Therefore I decided to opt in for big earrings. I knew I had to find big royal blue kundan style earrings… and who knew it was quite the challenge…but I managed to find one randomly in Southall in one of the small buildings which contain 7-10 shops inside. My earrings were originally attached with a kundan hair piece too connected to the earrings with pearl beads (looked like jewellery worn in “Devdas”)… however because I had my hair out to one side, I dismantled the earrings from the hair piece… *drum roll* and I finally had my earrings.

Kundan & Stone Earrings

I must say finding a nice simple Asian clutch bag at a decent price is difficult challenge… but I found a dusky gold clutch with simple diamond studs and dark gold sequins; I found this at Veer (Green Street) for a bargain of £18! (with some haggling of course from £25).


A Side View Of The Pallu
Me In My Blue Velvet & Half Net Saree
Me & Mum
Me & Mum Both Decided To Bust It Into Blue Sarees!

Overall, I wouldn’t of changed anything about my outfit… well just the shoes (very difficult and uncomfortable to move about in – but they looked so darn good!). Of course the engagement party was wonderful, we busted moves on the dance floor at most time… even had a Girls Vs Boys dance-off, unfortunately the Girls did not win, but the wedding is coming up so there is another opportunity to win there!

If you have any questions about my outfit, need advice or inspiration, just drop me a line or fill in the contact form below.  


Images Are All Owned By London Ki Ladki.

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