NG Sarees

I first fell in love with NG Sarees at British Asian Fashion Week; the brand’s bespoke sarees speak out simplicity and boldness.

The mastermind & talented designer behind NG Sarees is none other than Neela Gnanendran. She informed me about her new collection showcase, which I just could not miss! I attended her showcase with high hopes…and I kid you not her new collection exceeded beyond my expectations.

NG Sarees
NG Sarees

What are the key colours and fabrics of her new collection?

The colours are a modern mix with the use of some traditional colours, which means there is something for everyone. There were a number silk, chiffon and cotton sarees; so again a variety of fabrics, which are very lightweight – what you need when it is the season of summer weddings.

What makes NG Sarees unique?

The high quality sourced fabrics and of course such simple yet clever designs with the hints of contemporary/unconventional incorporated aspects. I just love it!

Customers can have a personal one to one consultation and even get customised designs of their choice. I saw some customers who received their customised sarees and they were most certainly pleased.

I would definitely recommend checking out her collection. I believe in supporting British Asian designers, especially the talented Neela Gnanendran whose work needs to be praised.

See anything you like below? If you wish to contact NG Sarees please email

Me With Neela
Me With Neela
A Gorgeous Display From The Showcase
A Creative Display From The Showcase
Beautiful Rawinbow Of NG Sarees
Beautiful Rainbow Of NG Sarees
NG Saree Packaging
NG Saree Packaging
A Happy Customer
A Happy Customer
Ng Sarees Silk Sarees Range
NG Sarees Silk Sarees Range
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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara K blog says:

    I love how NG Sarees have revamped the traditional saree look 🙂 Thanks for sharing your fab blog.

    1. I could not agree more Sara. Thank you very much. 🙂

  2. methula says:

    Is it an online shop? Or do you have an address? I would really like to buy her lovely dresses! 🙂

    1. You can contact them on 🙂

      1. methula says:

        She didn’t reply. But i’ll try again. Thanks! I love you blog! ❤

      2. Sorry to hear that, you could try and DM them on their instagram account. Thank you very much. If you can support us on Instagram and Facebook, that would be appreciated 🙂 and

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