London Indian Film Festival 2014

London Indian Film Festival

With my great passion for Asian films, I decided to become a volunteer for the London Indian Film Festival 2014 (LIFF); I am so excited! This is the fifth LIFF running; the film festival is a great opportunity to see a variety of inspirational  independent films from Sold all the way to the Bengali movie Apur Panchali. There is a film for everyone. On top of this, Bollywood director and superstar Farhan Akhtar and the Cinematographer mastermind Santosh Sivan will be doing talks for LIFF (which I am very much  looking forward to!), 

Me & Some Of The Lovely London Indian Film Festival Volunteer Team
London Indian Film Festival
LIFF Promo Postcards

LIFF runs between 10th-17th July 2014, where each movie will be showcasing across different cinemas across London. LIFF will be opening with the European premiere of Sold; I will most definitely be there… so hope to see some of you there too!

Click here for the London Indian Festival Programme Schedule

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