Kimchee is situated in the bustle of Holborn and serves up Korean dishes. The restaurant seating is a similar set up to Busaba Eathai, but the interior here is quite contemporary in comparison.


Kimchee 2

Kimchee Kitchen

Our starters we selected were Mackerel Jorim (mackerel fillet cooked in garlic, ginger, green and red chillies and soy sauce, served with rice cakes, mooli and sesame garnish) and Chargrilled Scallops (pan-fried scallop glazed with a sweet soy sauce).


I had high hopes for the scallops, however unfortunately these had cooled down completely by the time it came to us. I was not too keen on the presentation and the taste resembled a seafood stick; the sweet soy sauce on top did not add any flavour to the scallops. I would not recommend this dish! On the flipside of things, the second starter was the opposite; the mackerel was bursting with smoky and tangy flavours. The mackerel was not overpowering, as sometimes it can be. A small tip, watch out for the fish bones. This is dish was a pleasant surprise and was a flavoursome journey for my tastebuds.


Now to the mains; whoops it happened again – my dish was lacking flavour. I ordered the Gui Salmon (drizzled with Korean barbecue sauce, served with grated radish and wilted spinach in a sweet potato basket). The sweet potato basket added no substance to the dish, along with the wilted spinach. I did taste my food buddy’s Seafood Udon (Stir-fried thick noodles and vegetables with mixed seafood served in a rich, sweet soy sauce). The seafood aspect consisted of mussels, king prawns and squid and was all mixed with the sweet soy sauce, it tasted immense! *drool*


With the above in mind, Kimchee is a decent restaurant as along as you select the right dishes. Also bear in mind that starters and mains are served at different times here, so you may end up trying someone else’s food (which is not always a bad thing). If you think the restaurant looks sleek, then you have to check out the ultra-cool Kimchee bar. This bar is great if you want to chill and have a drink after your meal or even solely go to the bar for a catch up.

Kimchee Bar 2

Kimchee Bar

The Yays

– Service was swift and atomsphere was buzzing
– Restaurant is great for a catch up with friends
– There is an amazing bar downstairs if you wish to wind-down or engross in chat
– Good portion sizes
– Fabulous interior
– Good value for money
– The stylish Kimchee bar

The Nays

– If you order quite a few dishes, then please note this may not fit on the table!
– If you want to chat about private ordeals then this is not the best of places, as you will be squashly seated in-between other diners
– Think twice about what you order, if it sounds like a fusion of two cuisines, then I recommend avoiding it
– Scallops is a no no

Now time for the LKL Foodie Adventure score:

Food: 3
Food Presentation: 3.5
Venue & Atmosphere: 4
Service: 4
Value For Money: 4
Total Score: 18.5/25

Let us know your thoughts about Kimchee and tweet us @LondonKiLadki.

Photo Source: London Ki Ladki and Kimchee

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