Bridal Fashion Tips with Maahira

Maahira - UK Indian Fashion Brand

Let us introduce Maahira, the innovative UK Asian fashion concierge started up by the fabulous mother-daughter duo Nimisha and Manda Brahmbhatt!

Where did Maahira all begin and all about?

Maahira was an idea born in the back of a rickshaw in India, whilst Manda (Co-founder) and I (Nimisha) debated what was missing in the UK Market when it came to Indian Fashion. We wanted to bring a palette of fashion to the UK Market that stepped away from the norm of the regular high-street offerings. We also wanted to re-invigorate the trend of having your Indian Couture custom made and bespoke to your specific needs, style, taste and requirements. Most importantly we wanted to ensure that the piece that we sourced and produced came from experienced designers who understood what it meant to deliver high quality finishes and great designs. By the end of the short ride Maahira was born.

As a brand Maahira is about good quality fashion from up-coming experienced designers, that can be customised, or made bespoke to your preferences!

Nimisha and Manda Brahmbhatt
Nimisha and Manda Brahmbhatt

Let’s delve into bridal fashion talk! What do you think will be the key bridal trends for 2017?

In all honesty we really believe trends are neither here nor there. In our 3 years of operating we always find our clientele have their own style and sensibility and we seek to cater to that.

Bridal garments are very personal and whether an item is on trend or not, customers will always go for what they feel comfortable in, and what they envisage themselves wearing on the day. If its one thing we advocate its about producing and sourcing fashion that is unique to our clients tastes and preferences. It is a personalised service we offer, after all it’s the Bride’s big day and THE most important day of their life, so why not have something the way you want it rather than market dictated trends.

Maahira - UK Asian Fashion Concierge

What do you think will be the key fashion trends in 2017 for the bride’s family guests?

Fashion choices for the family are very much based on the theme of the wedding and are heavily influenced by the choice the Bride makes first, for her garments. Usually the family seek to take elements of the Bride’s garments and look for pieces that have similar design features. a Bride you are going to be wearing the your outfit for quite a number of hours so comfort is key.”

What top tips do you give to your Maahira brides that you could share with us?

Be comfortable! Whether you realise it or not, as a Bride you are going to be wearing the your outfit for quite a number of hours so comfort is key. Following that, go for a design or look that is in keeping with your individual style. Why? Bridal garments are a significant investment so we always encourage all our clients to develop and design outfits with us that serve their personal style so they will be more inclined to re-use parts of the piece again and again.

You have launched a new service Your Personal Style Concierge, please tell us some more…

The Personal Style Concierge is an end to end service that not only encompasses the design and delivery of bespoke garments, but expands out to a dedicated hands on team that work with a bride, groom and her entire family to;

  1. Understand the signature style and vision that they want to achieve for their big day, which begins from outfits, all the way to accessories, jewellery, hair, make-up and Henna too
  2. Source and or design garments not just for the Bride but her entire entourage, whether that is Bridesmaids, Sisters, Mother of the Bride and even the Groom!
  3. Provide a dedicated Hair, Make-up and Henna Artist and a stylist who are part of your style and design consultations from Day 1 and who will both be personally present on your big day to ensure your vision is brought to reality

In a nutshell its your very own personal style team who deliver the vision you have for your big day, and who ensure that the process is enjoyable, fun and creative!

What is in store for Maahira in 2017?

Stay tuned to by following us on our social media platforms and you will soon find out! You can follow Maahira on Facebook &  Instagram

If you are interested in getting in touch with Maahira, you can email them directly on INFO@MAAHIRA.CO.UK or call them on +447737 012 417.

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  1. Regardless of culture, there is some very good and practical tips here. But I love these amazing looks! Enjoyed 🙂

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