Dream Girl Review: Prepare For A Laughing-Fest!

After Ayushmann’s stellar performance in Andhadhun last year, it geared us up to be all excited to watch Dream Girl! Ayushmann plays Karam, a young guy who has a special talent of impersonating a female voice since childhood. With Karam’s father (Annu Kapoor) piling up in debt, this leads the jobless Karam to find a quick fix job working at a friendship call centre, where lonely men speak to seductive female voices. As a result Karam masters it by playing as an alias, Pooja and rakes in decent money to pay off his father’s debts. Soon enough Pooja starts to attract a number of admirers including a laid back officer (Vijay Raaz), a man-hating editor (Nidhi Bisht) and Karam’s future brother-in-law (Abhishek Banerjee). Nushrat Bharucha plays as Karam’s love interest Mahi who gets engaged to him, but is not in the know about his employment at the friendship call centre. This story follows Karam’s journey to detract Pooja’s admirers, which proves not as easy as Karam had hoped!

Ayushmann Khuranna knocked the ball out the park with this one as he effortlessly played the role of Karam. Vijay Raaz’s performance was hysterical and reminded me of his hilarious role in Run. Annu Kapoor also made a notable performance with his innocent antics. Nushrat Bharucha made a convincing performancing, but unfortunately her role was not elaborate enough, and the relationship between her character Mahi and Karam developed too swiftly. Smiley, Karam’s childhood friend played by Manjot Singh was the perfect fit in this role as the cheeky and cheery Punjabi buddy.

With the dialogue written by director Raaj Shaandilyaa who was the lead writer and content director for Comedy Circus for several years, this ‘Comedy Circus’ style humour really shone through on screen. Never have I ever come across a Bollywood comedy film that makes you laugh continuously throughout! There were also current references included, such as the mention of the #MeToo movement and even dare I say the “dab” move. The film almost felt as though it did stretch over ever so slightly in the second half, and the ending was a tad swift.

The ultimate song from the film had to be ‘Mere Dil Ka Telephone’ hands down, it is one sweet and catchy song by the the musical duo Meet Bros. It was fun to see some high energy numbers such as Radhe Radhe.

Overall Dream Girl was a fun cinematic experience, as we could not help but chuckle nonstop. We was in a small cinema screening and there was so much laughing amongst everyone, can you imagine what it would be like in a bigger cinema hall! If want to see a feel good movie then this is the film to watch! The tongue in cheek and witty delivery of jokes by the talented cast, as well as the funny plotline will keep you chuckling non-stop. We would happily watch this again!

LKL Score: ★★★☆☆

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