Considering To Postpone Your UK Wedding? Here Is Advice From An Asian Bride-To-Be.

Firstly, a belated congratulations on your engagement! Apologies to hear that you are considering to postpone your wedding, I know it is not an ideal situation and a challenging time, but with the current climate it is an understandable decision you may wish to take. As a bride-to-be myself, my strongest advice is to get all the information you need in-front of you first before making a final decision to postpone (especially with the Covid-19 / Coronavirus situation changing daily), as you could regret making a hasty decision. If your wedding is in the next 3 – 4 months, you could be looking at this potential option. Aside from checking your wedding insurance policies (if applicable to you), there could be several things to other consider:

When Would You Like Your New Wedding Date To Be?

It does not have to be exact dates at this stage – as it depends what dates are available with your venue (if they allow postponement). If you have a month/year in mind, that could help immensely when you speak to your venue. But at this stage it would be best to remain flexible. Also if you had any cultural/religious considerations to make with your original wedding date like I did – then don’t forget to consider this with your new wedding date.

Venue Venue Venue

Your venue will be the biggest dictator of a postponement decision, and if they permit you to postpone, then they will be able to dictate when you can postpone up until. I have been hearing various couples saying venues have allowed weddings to take place later in 2020 or even till early in 2021. This just depends how flexible your venue is. Also don’t forget to consider pre-wedding function (Mehndi etc.) venues too.

Speak To Your Key Wedding Suppliers
I highly advise contacting your key wedding suppliers that rely on skill based services such as catering, photography, videography, make-up artist, DJ and decor on their stance around postponement and if they are able to facilitate for such a situation, or contact all your wedding suppliers you have booked so far. There could be financial implications to consider if you postpone, such as price increases. Do bear in mind that wedding suppliers would have most likely never have encountered such a situation before affecting a bulk of their clients at one time – so they may not revert back to you straight away, especially as they are treating immediate weddings as a priority. But worry not, your wedding suppliers should be supporting and being help on hand during this challenging time.

Outstanding Timelines

With the UK’s lockdown and even the global lockdown – in particular India – has caused various suppliers – whether fashion to wedding invitations – factories’/production facilities’ to be at a halt. One question to ask yourselves is, ‘Will you have enough lead time with your various outstanding (if you have any) items before your wedding date? It may be your wedding jewellery and outfits etc.

Wedding Invitations

If you are printing out physical wedding invitations – depending on the status of it – your wedding invitation stationer may be able to pause production and make changes for you free of charge. Otherwise if it is too late – fret not – your wedding stationer may be able to help by arranging new e-invites for you to inform you guests of the postponement date once you have arranged this. If you produced your own invitations yourself or otherwise some wedding stationers such as Kissmet Designs have been amazing and offering free ‘Digital Change The Date’ Graphics – even if you did not order your invites through them.

Get Wedding Expert Support

If you don’t have a wedding planner, some wedding planners in the industry are kindly offering free advice to couples. Wedding planners such as SW Events are offering 30 minute Free of Charge ‘Corona-Planning Consultations’ if you need some additional expert advice/support.

Do What Is Best For Both Of You

SW Events kindly gave some really great advice and I have to echo it too… that there is certainly no right or wrong answer, and you always have to do what is best for you as a couple. Don’t follow the crowd. You may decide to do a civil in 2020 and then have your wedding celebrations in 2021. You may decide to stick with your wedding date. Or you may wish to move everything all together.  Just remember… It is best to have a calm and informed decision rather than a rushed one minus the key information you need.

I hope the advice in this article has been helpful – if you need any further advice or want to say hello! Feel free to drop me a line on Wishing you all the best with your wedding.

Sending wishes of good health and safety for you and your families during this time.

London Ki Ladki


Image Credit: The Statesman, Tour My India, 1SW Events

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