TOCA Social Review: UK’s First Social Entertainment Venue With A Football Twist

TOCA Social at The O2, the UK’s first social entertainment venue entwined with football, hit a winning menu designed by Michelin-star trained chef Ross Clarke.

With an array of dishes to choose from, TOCA Social is ideal for dining in big or small groups and caters to every taste bud while offering new taste sensations to enjoy, all while playing a spot of interactive football!

Hitting the spot are TOCA Social’s Crispy Chicken Wings coated in Alabama white sauce (mayonnaise, pickle juice and Aleppo pepper) topped with a spice blend (sesame seeds, Aleppo pepper and monster munch!) – these were easily a 10/10!

Guests can also enjoy the bite-sized delights on the menu that are perfect for sharing including TOCA Fried pickles with pickled gherkins coated in a Beavertown IPA batter served with Green Tabasco and the Smoked Tofu coated in seaweed tempura served with a fragrant miso-mayonnaise – which I had tried,and it was like something else. DELISH!!!

Smoked Tofu Tempura 😍

Lovers of seafood will adore the Salt and Pepper Squid, coated in salt and pepper crumb, doused delicately in Indonesian Ket Jap sauce served with a burnt lime to pull together the array of flavours. Salmon Tostada should also be on the team sheet with fresh sashimi grade salmon lightly dressed in a Peruvian style tigers milk to slightly cure.

Providing the assist to the sumptuous food is a drinks menu that’s brimming with as much creativity and taste sensations as the food, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to enjoy. For those looking for an alcohol alternative the Jungle Bird with Lyre’s Cane Spirit, Lyre’s Italian, orange, pineapple, demerara, lime, or Rosemary Spritz with Lyre’s Gin, burnt rosemary, passionfruit, lemon and soda are perfect substitutions. My favourite was Rosemary Spritz 😍

TOCA Social has recently launched its dessert room Sweet Finish. Filled with ‘Willy Wonka’ inspired creations including a DIY soft serve bar. Guests can choose from milk or malt flavoured soft serve, then top with a selection of sauces such as Daim bar sauce, Biscoff sauce or raspberry followed by a rich pile of sweet shop classics to the top.

We opted for the luscious Ice Cream Sandwich & Biscoff Bubble Tea!

Those with a sweet tooth will be in heaven as they create the ultimate s’more by picking a cookie from a selection of chocolate chip, oat and raisin or white chocolate and pecan, adding a warm and melting marshmallow and injecting it with white, milk or dark chocolate.

Overall, social entertainment venues unfortunately have a reputation with offering food not up to scratch. But TOCA Social is one-of-a-kind, offering top notch modern Americana finger food, all that within a super fun and buzzing atmosphere! Taking all these factors all into account, I would definitely not hesitate returning to TOCA Social for a fun friend or work social, as they would definitely not be disappointed. I mean – who can say no to a dessert station, great food and fun interactive football!

LKL Rating ★★★★☆

TOCA Social, The O2, Peninsula Square
London, SE10 0DX

To book your TOCA Social experience visit or follow TOCA Social’s social media channels: Instagram (@tocasocial) and Facebook (@TOCAsocialUK) to find out.

London Ki Ladki was invited to review TOCA Social.

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