Ladurée At Harrods

Ladurée is a Parisian tearoom, which was established in 1862 and famous for its’ iconic macaroons. Ladurée offers luxury French delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I definitely had some high expectations of the Ladurée as it was situated within Harrods.

Admittedly, the Ladurée is on the medium-high price of the spectrum depending on what you select from their menu, but is it worth it?



Firstly the interior and atmosphere; this is a perfect spot for a group of friends to catch up and rekindle as opposed to a place to take a date (guys please take note); I don’t think it would be suitable for that. Once you finish your meal you can head over to the patisserie shop and purchase some sweet treats and other items. And of course you could head over to shop and browse at the legendary Harrods.



The serving tea cups and dishes were lovely and dainty; I quite liked it in comparison to other French cafes I have been to.


The dish I ordered was Le Pain Perdu Tiède Ladurée, which is described as “Ladurée’s warm French Toast “eggy bread” served with maple syrup, jam or chantilly cream”. What looks simply like two round pieces of French toast below – is not the case… once this is drenched over in maple syrup, your taste buds will be on cloud nine when you bite into this…in other words this was sweet, soft and just delicious! The French toast soaks up the syrup without going “soggy”and still has a textured bite around its’ crust. I stayed quiet while I quickly indulged in this delectable delight. Silence during eating is normally a good sign; it conventionally signals that the food is freaking awesome!



Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. I love it and it is consumed daily for moi…so how would Ladurée’s coffee fair? I ordered the Cafe Ladurée, where they serve the milk and coffee separately and by the looks of it the coffee was from a cafetiere. Verdict: it was the best! I repeat the best filter/french pressed coffee I have ever had before. Trust me I have had coffee before in tons of places across London. It did put Starbucks filter coffee to shame. The balance of that bitter coffee and milky taste balance was perfect. Spot on! I would definitely want to try their other coffee offerings.



Overall verdict time: I want to go back again! The atmosphere, decor, service, food and drink were exceptional here. However personally for me I would only come here for breakfast or afternoon tea/coffee to meet friends or a great place to take someone as a surprise. Now time for the final score…

LKL Foodie Adventure Score: ★★★★★★★ / 10

If you have been to Ladurée before let us know what your favourite dish is . Tweet us at @LondonKiLadki and hashtag #LondonKiLadki

Find Out More About Them Here:

Image Source: London Ki Ladki

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