LKL’s #CoffeeConquest

Before we entail on the #CoffeeConquest, I would like to admit yes I am coffee “cray cray” (as seen evidently in the photo below) and can be a sucker to Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero. However I do love to go to independent cafés to sip on a scrummy coffee. Although I am not a qualified coffee expert, I would like to think I know what a satisfying coffee tastes like; I have had coffee in various forms.


I have been this month and will be continuing to go to several cafés/restaurants/bars up until New Years Eve on a #CoffeeConquest to find the place that serves the best coffee in London; the reigning champion will be announced on New Years Day!

The #CoffeeConquest contenders are scored on presentation, quality, taste, aroma and the café/restraurant’s atomsphere.

So let the Coffee Conquest begin…

*Drumroll* So…the first Contender of the LKL #CoffeeConquest is The Table


Watch this space for the first review of this conquest.

Why don’t you get involved along the journey; if you have any recommendations, then get in touch with us.

Tweet @LondonKiLadki and #CoffeeConquest with your Coffee Contender.

Drop us a post on Facebook or even get in touch with us via email:

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