#CC Contender 2: Holborn GRIND

Holborn GRIND is an espresso bar located in hustle and bustle of Holborn. The suave bar offers alcoholic and expresso combined drinks.


The atompshere and music is just incredible and very sophisticated and retro; I liked it and yes I almost did bust out some dance moves! This bar opens at 7pm and closes at midnight; its there if you need a late night caffiene kick in the comfort of a casual coffee bar.


It was explained to me by the staff that they source and package the whole coffee beans off-site. In terms of the coffee’s qualities; the cute art of my cappuccino won me over. The work of a coffee artisan indeed. The aroma was very bitter as well as its’ taste. Personally I am a sucker to sweet things thanks to my sweettooth. Therefore I prefer coffee which has that undertone of a sweet and caramely taste. However, those who prefer that bitter coffee taste – this is perfect. I have never tasted such bitter coffee before, this was a first time and did not enjoy it so much. My friend ordered the same beverage and doussed it with almost 3 teaspoons of brown sugar! The expresso based alcoholic cocktails have yet again that bitter taste. Their vodka and expresso is a certainly killer combo, which needs to be chugged down in one go.



IMG_20141122_214444 IMG_20141122_214503

Overall, the interior and atomsphere rocked it for me, however unfortunately their beverages and cocktails look pleasing, but did not meet my acquired taste buds. I refrain from adding sugar granules to my coffee, but I’m sure if I were to add 2/3 teaspoons of sugar, it would have tasted more pleasing. It is a great place to hang out, but if you are in need of a chilled out place for caffiene fix late at night, this is a place to go (just make sure you add sugar!).

So now it’s scoring time:

LKL #CoffeeConquest Score

Taste: 2
Aroma: 2
Appearance: 3.5
Venue: 4
Value For Money: 3
Total Score: 14.5

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