Drift Bar

Located in Liverpool Street and on the ground floor of the famous Heron Tower stands Drift Bar. The interior and dinning area is spaced out and simple; it is quite nice if you don’t like crowded restaurants where tables are closely placed next to each other. The open space allows you to appreciate the surroundings and view; there is a spectacular exotic fish tank which you (or is it just me?) can stand hours on end watching when you walk up the stairs to the top dinning floor. On the very same floor is the open kitchen, which adds that extra buzz to the atmosphere; therefore I would recommend dining upstairs.





I ordered the bunless halloumi and hummus burger which came with avocado as an alternative to the bun bread; a clever idea as some restaurants normally don’t give you alternatives. The combination of juicy mushrooms, sweet chutney, bitter rocket leaves, ripe tomato with the tangy hummus had a whirlwind of an adventure with my taste buds; it was delicious! I also was a bit cheeky and tried my fellow foodie’s fish pie (with king prawns and cod) dish served neatly in the pan with its’ potato cheddar crust on top, which was creamy and cheesy comfort food; a tasty indulgence. Although the portion sizes are not super-sized, they hit the spot so you are not super-stuffed, however if you wish to be satisfyingly full, I would recommend ordering a starter or have a dessert after the mains.



Considering the lovely scenery, location, decent food and service; the menu prices are extremely reasonable – Drift Bar gets a massive thumbs up from me. I will be dining there again soon to dive in some brunch!

LKL Foodie Adventure Score: ★★★★★★★ / 10

If you have been to Drift Bar before let us know about your experience. Tweet us at @LondonKiLadki and hashtag #LondonKiLadki

Find Out More About Them Here: http://www.thedriftbar.co.uk/

Image Source: London Ki Ladki

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