#CC Contender 6: Caravan



Caravan King’s Cross is situated next to a gem of a location for summer in King’s Cross, London. Caravan has been on my hit list for a while as it has been named one of London’s best places to go for coffee. So let’s find out how true this could be.

Caravan’s interior is simple and has a rustic look and feel. When you walk down into the restaurant you are subject to a row of heavenly pastries and cakes (talk about a major tease). You are looking at about an average 30-45 minutes wait on the weekend for brunch. However to relinquish the pain of waiting, they have a bar which serves hot and cold beverages.



Caravan states: ‘ We roast small batches of beans daily on our probat roasters using beans sourced from around the world. We source green coffee from single farms and estates in the speciality coffee market where the focus is quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers. Our espresso is made from a blend of coffees using the freshest, tastiest crops of the season. The filter coffees on offer are of single origin and have been sought out for their unique flavour characteristics and quality‘. Caravan definitely take great thought and care into their coffee.


I ordered a cappuccino and my food buddy selected a salted caramel hot chocolate! Our drinks were delightfully presented with pretty foam art; I liked how the hot chocolate was served in an uncoventional “chai” style cup.


The smell was not too bitter, but had undertones of sweetness. I cannot believe I drank the most buttery coffee ever! It tasted like coffee butter; it was amazing! To be honest I have never tasted anything like it. The thick foamy milk texture at the top of the cappuccino remained consistently throughout the drink.


I was a bit cheeky and had a sip of the salted caramel hot chocolate and yet again my tastebuds had a buttery adventure! (I wish I had ordered my own!) It was delicious – nothing else like it.

Here is a bit of a confession – I drink coffee very slowly – to put it into perspective a venti Starbucks coffee, can take me about up to 2.5 hours to finish; I can drink coffee turned cold. So for any slow coffee drinkers like myself – strangely I was not able to finish the Caravan cappuccino I ordered, because it did not taste too great when cold. Therefore I do recommend finishing off their coffees when they are still warm (which I am sure what people normally do, but you never know).

Our brunch dishes we enjoyed alongside the beverages was just one of a kind (sorry but have to mention about this – you will see why below), we opted for the barbeque baked beans, fried eggs, mojo verde, coriander and toast. My food buddy opted for their jalapeno corn bread, fried eggs, black beans and guindilla pepper dish.



My dish was deliciously savoury with the tomato rich BBQ baked beans, and the combination of ingredients hit the nail on the head, which equated to tasteful comfort food. Although strangely enough to start our brunch we indulged in a large cinnamon scone which was served with butter and soft strawberry jam (only £2.50! – bargain!); this is not your conventional scone as it was soft in texture. Their pumpkin waffle with maple syrup (*drool*) is on my list for next time – it just sounds too good.


Overall the venue, atmosphere and most importantly the coffee was a tasteful experience; not to forget their incredible brunch food menu. I am definitely coming back for their coffee and pumpkin waffle! I would strongly recommend going there for their epic weekend brunch – this for anyone who wants something unconventional and unique. Now it’s time for the score:

LKL #CoffeeConquest Score

Taste: 4.5 
Aroma: 3.5 
Appearance: 3.5
Venue: 4.5
Value For Money: 3
Total Score: 19/25

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Photo Source: London Ki Ladki.

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