Momo: A Brunch Affair

imageA Moroccan themed restaurant stands beside the famous Ice Bar London named Momo. As the theme, the restaurant serves up North African dishes.

imageThe interior is almost like no other, there is outdoor seating available in between colourful green plantation and variety of tree pots; whilst inside lies Moroccan style seating, tables, lamps and dishware. In terms of atmosphere, we had reached Momo quite early on the weekend, as we were the only ones it is hard to commentate on this aspect. Although as result of being the only ones there we did get decently attentive service.


To start off, myself and one of my dear friends needed a caffeine fix, so we got tempted to try their cardamom coffee. It literally was cardamom coffee, if you see below there were about 30 whole cardamoms bathing nicely in black coffee. I never normally to add sugar granules in my coffee, but the coffee was so strong and bitter due to the cardamom shells – I just had to add it! *dramatic music*. I had removed the masses of cardamoms after half an hour, which made the difference as the coffee then ended up tasting just about bearable.

Cardamom Coffee


Leading the life of a pescetarian, I had to opt in for the vegetarian version of Momo’s Full Moroccan Breakfast. The non-vegetarian version normally consists of a poached free range egg with batata hara, merguez, turkey bacon, coco beans in charmoula sauce. Momo’s menu does not explain what is in the vegetarian version, so I was in for a surprise and from I what I can recall it includes a poached free range egg topped with black onion seeds, fine beans, brussel sprouts (yes you heard it right), baby potatoes and a tomato stuffed with aubergine, all simmering in charmoula sauce. The dish came accompanied with with flat bread. I must admit it was one savoury and full on dish to have for brunch.

Full Moroccan Vegetarian Breakfast

At first taste the dish was bursting with sweet and sour tomato flavour! The crunch of the brussel sprouts and soft potatoes with the sweet aubergine was the perfect combination in terms of texture. The poached egg oozed over and added its’ natural mild sweetness to the bundle of ingredients. The seasoning and flavours within the dish really reminded me of homemade Bengali food, it had quite a similar taste. Where similarly to Bengali food the taste is mild but still flavoursome. The flatbread ensures you wipe the tagine plate clean! In terms of portion size, you will not be left with an empty stomach as they are generous their food. However for those who have a sweet tooth like me, you may want to have a dessert afterwards to counteract that savoury after-taste.

Overall, Momo was a lovely dining experience with the feel of Moroccan encounters, thanks to the traditional décor and dishware. You will not be left disappointed with the food and portion sizes, although I would suggest staying away from the coffee! It is recommend coming for brunch affair, you can see their full brunch menu hereMomo is located on 25 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BH. 

Now time for the LKL Foodie Adventure scores:

Food: 3.5/5

Food Presentation: 3.5/5

Venue: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Value for Money: 3/5

Total Score: 17/25

Have you been to Momo before? Let us know your dining experience by commenting below or just tweet us @LondonKiLadki.

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