The Shard: Hutong


I had an amazing dinning experience in the stunning Shard at Hutong, serves Northern Chinese food. The Shard is an amazing experience; there was excellent food and service at Hutong, which is located on the 33rd floor of this spectacular building. We started off the evening with drinks at the bar on the 32nd floor, and I must say my dragonfruit mocktail tasted phenomenal! (drink on the left below). The dishes I ate were:


Starters: Vegetarian spring rolls (may I please mention the best spring rolls I have ever eaten before!)

Mains: Fried tofu stuffed with minced prawns (dish on the left side) & fried noodles with mixed vegetables (I have never heard of stuffed tofu before, so this I had to try; it had a sweet taste and was filling…very nice!).

Dessert: Blueberry cheesecake (a strange dessert, at first taste it does not taste nice, but then begins to taste lovely in the after-taste).

Overall this was good value for money and beautiful views to be taken away by whilst your eating, and of course the excellent service to compliment this. I would definitely go again, but this time to Oblix Restaurant which serves up French cuisine. This definitely should be on your bucket list of things to do in London!

View from The Shard

Now time for the LKL Foodie Adventure score:

Food: 4
Food Presentation: 4
Venue & Atmosphere: 4.5
Service: 5
Value For Money: 4
Total Score: 19.5/25

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous location! I’m impressed with the dessert or at least how it looks. It’s not always easy to make a dessert look AND taste great!

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