Fashion Tips with India Boulevard

India Boulevard
India Boulevard

India Boulevard exclusively shares their top Asian fashion tips with us, from the fashionista herself Akta Adani, the founder of this e-commerce Asian fashion sensation!

Fashion Tip 1: Fish Cut or Flared outfit?

Fish Tail Lehenga
Fish Tail India Boulevard Lehenga

Fish Cut: This style is fitted till the knee and then flares out at the bottom. It fits well on the hips and recommended for women with a curvaceous or an hourglass figure.

Flared India Boulevard Lehenga
Flared India Boulevard Lehenga

Flared: Most suitable for slimmer bodies, as this style has a large border and lots of pleats near the waist and adds volume.

Fashion Tip 2: The ideal fabric for a sari?

Light fabrics are best like: Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Italian silk and such other lightweight materials.

India Boulevard Sarees In An Array Of Fabrics
India Boulevard Sarees In An Array Of Fabrics

Fashion Tip 3: Upcycling

Have you ever upcycled anything? Well, use the art of creative reuse by using your existing sarees or heavy lehengas into something trending and new! See India Boulevard‘s video with Kaushal Beauty talking all things upcycling.

Fashion Tip 4: Nurture your heavy Indian clothes

India Boulevard

1. Fold your heavy Indian outfits such as lehengas and sarees, is a better way to store them than hanging them.

2. Store your embroidered clothing in white malmal fabric or India Boulevard’s special handmade bags, ensure that the embroidery does not get tarnished or blacken over time.

3. The key to preserving your garments is by keeping them as clean as possible.

At last the most important tip…. Fashion Tip 5: Be yourself

Always wear your personal style irrespective of what you may think is trending. India Boulevard love when their customers talk to them about what to wear as that’s what makes them look beautiful! Here is Jasleen from New York in her India Boulevard creation, she had this to say:

India Boulevard Customer: Jasleen
India Boulevard Customer: Jasleen

“Thank you so much for all your efforts in making my outfit. I really appreciate that you followed up and showed me the colors and fabrics. I can tell you worked tirelessly to get the details and colors right. The outfit is beautiful – I truly love it! The fitting was perfect, it was well stitched and the details were exactly what I wanted. I think what I loved the most about it was how beautiful it looked on and how comfortable it was to wear. I’m so glad I found you and I know I will be getting my Indian wear made from you for a very long time.”

We hope you found these tips useful! Let us know what Asian fashion tips you have by tweeting us @LondonKiLadki and @IndiaBoulevard.

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