#CC Contender 4: Ladurée

I have done a review on Ladurée before, however the coffee really struck out to me and had to include this in the #CoffeeConquest, but in a bit more detail. The decor of the Café feels royal and luxurious, I just love it! The atomsphere at Ladurée is quite relaxed; a great place to catch up with friends.


I rdered the Cafe Ladurée, where they served the warm milk and coffee separately and by the looks of it the coffee was from a cafetiere; it was the best! I repeat the best filter/french pressed coffee I have ever had before. It does put big coffee chains to shame. The balance of that bitter coffee and milky taste balance were a perfect match, along with its’ aroma and coffee strength. All were spot on! I would definitely go back and try their other coffee offerings. You can check out their menu by clicking here.

The serving tea cups and dishes were quite dainty; I quite liked it in comparison to other French cafés I have been to before. The coffee would have been quite interesting if it had froth on top, however this was not the case. This coffee is priced at £2.70, which is reasonable considering you get about 2 servings from the jugs; therefore it is good value for money.



The atmosphere, decor, service and coffee were exceptional here. I will definitely be back there again soon for breakfast and afternoon tea/coffee. Now time for the scores…

LKL #CoffeeConquest Score

Taste: 4
Aroma: 3.5
Appearance: 2.5
Venue: 4
Value For Money: 3.5 
Total Score: 17.5/25

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Find Out More About Them Here

Image Source: London Ki Ladki

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