#CC Contender 5: Ca’ppuccino

Ca’ppuccino is located in the midst of Westfield White City and my favourite place to grab a coffee whenever I visit there; this beats any coffee chains over there. The decor at Ca’ppuccino is so quirky, as they tower books in rows and columns across the café. Therefore pulling books out from them is probably not the best of ideas. The seating is super-comfortable and I always get seated straight away when I get there! What more could you want after a long day of shopping.

The variety of coffee selections sounds amazing, with both iced and hot coffee options (see their hot coffee selection below). I selected the Caffé del Professore da Napoli to finish off the delicious Trapani classic panini I indulged in, which consisted of pink tuna fillet, hard boiled egg, spring onion mayonnaise and baby leaf salad. Cappuccino









The Caffé del Professore da Napoli is truly one of the best coffee taste experiences I have ever had. It is an espresso with hazelnut cream and whipped cream on top. Although 70% of the drink consisted of the frothy cream, it was delectable. At first, the taste of hazelnut cream mixed with espresso seemed unusual, however my taste buds started to love it in the second sip. The taste of strong espresso does not hit you, as the sweet hazelnut cream tames it down at the right point. The hazelnut cream’s taste is dominant in this drink, but compliments the espresso so well – it just tastes incredible!

Before Being Demolished
After Being Demolished

Overall the beverages and even food are fantastic at Ca’ppuccino. The only downside I would say is the price of £3.50 for this small beverage, however if you would like to treat yourself – this is definitely the coffee to select. I think this is a great place to catch up with friends for a late evening coffee and dessert. It is now scoring time:

LKL #CoffeeConquest Score

Taste: 4.5 
Aroma: 3.5 
Appearance: 2.5
Venue: 4.5
Value For Money: 2
Total Score: 17/25

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Photos Courtesy of KK Retail and London Ki Ladki.

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