Kaabil Review: An Intelligent Vengeance Movie


We caught the press screening of Kaabil earlier this week! If those who thought this is just a simple revenge film… think again. 😉

Hrithik Roshan plays as a visually impaired Rohan Bhatnagar, who works as a cartoon voice actor. He meets visually impaired Supriya (Yami Gautam) who have an arranged meet-up and both initially are not so keen to marry, they soon fall head over heels for each and wed. However things turn an evil eye when Amit Shellar (Ronit Roy), younger brother of politician Madhavrao Shellar (Rohit Roy) sexually assaults Supriya, which leads to her suicide. Rohan decides to take their punishment in his own hands against the powerful antagonists, as the corrupted police take a blind eye to the incident.


Hrithik and Yami were so convincing as their characters, their on screen chemistry is so adorable. They manage to draw you into their cheerful love story full of colour and put your mood on a great high, which made us feel in despair when things take a turn for the worst in their love story. In Bollywood Yami is in her 7th film in and she has shown great potential in Kaabil and has big things coming her way in her Bollywood career. Ronit and Rohit are the best ruthless and edgy villains we have seen in a long time. We can’t find any flaws with Hrithik as this is one the best and most challenging performances yet.

Film Still-10.jpg

Rajesh Roshan produces the tango-tastic Mon Amour, which creates the uplift in the first half of the movie and best of all we were treated to Hrithik’s energetic and effortless dancing! The dialogue is definitely noteworthy in Kaabil, in the second half of the film – you will be yearning to hear what powerful dialogue Hrithik orchestrates, each punchy dialogue is delivered with great timing.

Ronit Roy and Hrithik Roshan in KaabilIn regards to the action scenes, incredibly no rehearsals were under taken prior to the shooting of the action sequences in Kaabil, as director Sanjay Gupta and Hrithik both wanted the sequences to look as instantaneous as possible and so it did!

Overall, Sanjay Gupta the renown director for this Bollywood thrillers including Jung, Kaante and Musafir, seemed perfect to direct a movie with such a plot. He delivered a fast paced yet intense film with precision. As mentioned previously this is not a simple revenge film, there are twists in the movie which will surprise you, it even left us and the audience in our screening gasping out loud in turning points throughout the movie. Kaabil will take you through an intense journey and leave you in awe.

London Ki Ladki Score: ★★★★☆

Kaabil releases in selected UK cinemas now.

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  1. S says:

    Have been hearing great reviews about the movie and Hrithiks acting in particular. Saw raees this weekend and will be posting a review soon. Let me know what you think.



  2. This awesome movie made me write about 1 of my life incident
    I had watched this movie more than 5 times just to complete my
    article just to Feel something twice… 😦
    Please have a look once hope so you will like it… Kaabil


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