India Fashion Week London 2017 Highlights

Illamasqua India Fashion Week London

As a loyal Illamasqua India Fashion Week London fan, we could not resist attending this year for their 3rd edition of the show! It was the perfect opportunity to get front-row viewing of this season’s latest bridal trends first hand and seeing the epic fashion talent from India. We share our stand out designers from the two-day fashion extravaganza!

Twee in One by Niti Singhal

Twee in One by Niti Singhal left the catwalk crowd applauding after this innovative way of truly executing a 2 in 1 outfit! Don’t believe me? Take a look…

What was Niti Singhal’s inspiration behind this innovative concept you say? “When I moved to Italy to work as an embroidery designer, I had a small room to myself, which didn’t allow me to have enough space for my clothes. Every time I would pack my bag to travel, I wondered, if I could have clothes that offered different looks to the same garment. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about a space crunch. That’s when I developed the concept of reversible and convertible clothing. With different looks on both the sides, I could go on with the same piece of garment from morning to evening or from casual to formal.” 

Robert Naorem

Robert Naorem’s fusion collection of the cultural diversity in Manipur was a great example of a game changer, as he encompasses hand-loom techniques in his collections and a great advocate of weavers as he tries to keep that tradition alive!

Rachna Kimtee 

Rachna Kimtee’s collection reminded immediately of Khal Nayak’s cult classic song Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai! With a tribal feel, Rachna’s collection was different and fun all rolled in with trending silhouettes.

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai Outfit Worn By Madhuri Dixit

Sweta Parekh

The two-day wedding show culminated with Bollywood star Prachi Desai walking the Illamasqua India Fashion Week London as the showstopper for Sweta Parekh. Speaking about the show and her experience in walking the ramp as the showstopper, Prachi Desai said: “It’s been an incredible honour being in London to present the best of Indian design and culture to a diverse audience. I really enjoyed walking the ramp for Illamasqua India Fashion Week London at the National Asian Wedding Show and interacting with the community in Britain and London. It’s also incredible to see Indian designs and fashion being presented with such grandeur on a global platform, and it is only befitting that it is London.”  Sweta’s peacock themed collection was certainly a first to see for us, it had frills and flair!

Pawan & Pranav 

Pawan & Pranav closed India Fashion Week London in classic couture style. Their latest couture collection embodied refined tradition in modern styles. Blush pink, warm creams and deep/bright red will always be a bride’s best friend and forever timeless.

Illamasqua India Fashion Week London reminded us that there is so much talent in India and UK and forever innovating. We can’t to see what India Fashion Week London 2018 brings!

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